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Buying your Child’s First School Shoes

All of your child's firsts are exciting. There are two important shoe moments with your children - their first shoes for when they start walking and secondly their first pair of school shoes. Both mark a huge transition in their life and the beginning of a new phase. Buying school shoes can be a difficult task for parents. There's a list of requirements from school, from your child and of course, your own.

The combination of durability, comfort, affordability and style can be difficult to come by. Coupled with it being the all important first ever pair, it can feel even more important to get it right for your child's first term at school.

It's always worth checking with your school to see what they stipulate in their uniform policy. Some schools even ask for a pair of indoor and outdoor shoes. Most ask for plain black or navy.

If your child is starting in reception it is probably a good idea to avoid laces and fiddly buckles. Slip on, touch fastening or big buckled shoes will make life as easy as possible for your child when they are starting school.

A good sole and grip are important for reception childrens' shoes. During their first year at school, your children will be putting their shoes through their places. There will be indoor and outdoor learning, regular play in sand and water and that's not to mention break times!

Make sure your little one likes them too! Those initial mornings when you are getting ready for school don't need the extra challenge or arguments over putting shoes on. Even if the style isn't exactly what you would have wanted, it's worth compromising slightly to ensure a smooth transition from home to school.

Arguably, most importantly is comfort. Despite the emotions that accompany getting that very first pair of school shoes, try not to get swept away in the moment and make sure you have tried them properly and that your child has walked, jumped, skipped and hopped in them.

If you're getting ready to buy your child's first pair of school shoes, you can find out more about what we have on offer by hitting the shop now button.


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