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How to keep school shoes in tip-top condition

Term school shoes are designed to be tough and durable and are made using the finest materials sourced from quality manufacturers. However like all leather shoes, you'll want to make sure they're looked after as well as possible. Here's how:

Make sure they like the style of the school shoes If a child likes the style of their new school shoes, it only follows that they will want to look after them. In this way, make sure your child has input in the decision-making process when buying new shoes, even if their preference differs from yours. Indeed, if kids are made to wear shoes they find unattractive or not in line with latest fashions, the life expectancy of the shoes can go down considerably!

Get rid of dirt and dust Genuine leather shoes can suffer from scratching and dust over time. While this can't be avoided to a certain extent when it comes to school shoes - it's almost inevitable they'll get scuffed up a bit - a once-over with a good horsehair brush can get rid of any excess dust and dirt. Over the long-term, doing this once every couple of days can help the shoe last much longer.

Invest in proper shoe polish/protector Even the most conscientious child can have trouble keeping their shoes from getting scuffed and worn. Shoe protector sprays are a cheap and effective solution to help keep leather or synthetic leathers from weather damage and everyday scuffing. Regular polishing with a decent shoe polish can also keep shoes looking shiny and new. Teaching children how to polish their shoes will incentivise them to be more gentle with their shoes on the playground, as they will not want all of their hard work to go to waste. 

Deal with wet shoes immediately After coming in from a rainy day, it can be tempting to let shoes lie before cleaning them. However, if you want to get more out of your footwear, you’ll need to get on the job quick. After giving your child a nice hot drink, make sure the shoes are stuffed with newspaper to help them retain their shape and draw out moisture, then remove the laces and let them dry separated. It's also important to avoid placing shoes near the radiator as the heat can damage the material. Stains brought on from roadside salt can also be easily shifted with a vinegar and water mix before they become permanent. 

Use a shoe tree As soon as your child is home and the shoes are inevitably kicked off in a corner, the material will start to stretch and change. While this can help with the initial breaking in of shoes, over time this will cause them to experience unnecessary wear and tear. Using a shoe tree can help them retain their original shape and ensure that even the strongest school shoes last longer. 

Never underestimate a soft cloth You won't have the time to do all of the above on a weekly basis, so on those days where you're pushed for time, a soft cloth can help to get rid of the worst of the dirt and dust. Even two minutes once a week will make the difference between shoes that look tired at the end of a school year and those that are ready to do another three terms!


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