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Engaging Your Child in Buying School Shoes

Buying school shoes for your child can be a challenging process. They don't always understand the importance of shopping for shoes, and can easily get bored in the shop. As they grow restless, your job of getting their feet measured and encouraging them to concentrate on whether a shoe is comfortable enough or not grows harder and harder. Engaging your child in buying school shoes is an important process. As ultimately the shoes are for them.

Below we've listed our top tips to make the process easier for both you and your child.

Draw it!

Ask your child what their ideal pair of shoes would look like. It's fine if they're rocket-propelled with mini umbrellas on top - encourage them to use their imagination and make the process fun. Then ask them what would be really important in a school shoe, talking through their day at school and what they get up to. If they say they run around a lot, explain the importance of a comfortable shoe and what can happen if they have ill-fitting shoes that cause blisters.

Use it as a learning opportunity

If your child is learning to put their own shoes on, you can make it into something exciting, such as learning to buckle, touch fastening or even tie laces. Working on these skills could help the child decide which style of shoe fastening suit them best. There are numerous books which can make this whole learning process fun for your child, so they're developing new skills whilst you are finding the right shoes for them.

Make the point

To further highlight the importance of shoes correctly fitting, set up an obstacle course in a park or garden and ask your child to try on their own shoes, a sibling's (if possible) and a parent's shoe. Get them to complete the obstacle course (safely of course!) by pointing out how much quicker they were in shoes that fit correctly. This should highlight to your child that they'll have better opportunities when wearing the right shoes.

At New Brands, we understand that kids will be kids and push the boundaries of everything they're capable of, meaning no shoe is indestructible. We've worked tirelessly on sourcing high-quality materials that create long lasting shoes, which are designed first and foremost for comfort. You can remove the stress of shopping for school shoes in store by shopping at our new Term storefront on Amazon, browse our full collection of boys and girls school shoes today.


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